Security issues on testing of public cloud applications (Accepted Journal Paper)


Abstract—The objective of this study was to evaluate security issues of cloud testing. Cloud computing provides an efficient way to extend information technology’s existing proficiency without large investments on new infrastructure. It opens up new vistas for testing applications on cloud environment by providing benefits in terms of investments, reliability, scalability, flexibility and maintainability. Increasingly more organizations are moving to the cloud and sharing their information, but there are concerns about security issues and risks that may arise due to the breaches of security.  This paper extends the existing concept of security approach during testing and determines the level of risk for eight security issues including trust, governance, compliance, identity and access management, availability, data security, instance isolation and its failures, and architecture in testing on a public cloud. It also accomplishes an empirical survey to evaluate the current security strategies of different public cloud providers on eight security issues.

Keywords-Cloud computing, testing, security issues, public cloud, survey


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