[Solved] How to resolve when Bitlocker ask password on every boot of computer

When I am working as a System Administrator, I am getting many chances to learn new things even though it is not a big issue or serious problem in organization. So I also thought to share you this solution which might work or you may need in upcoming future in any time.


Whenever I boot my computer, it always ask for the Bit locker key.


You can also disable your bit locker encryption, but that is not a solution. So once you enter into your computer with bit locker key, then open command prompt in administrator mode and type following command:


manage-bde –protectors –delete C: -type TPM
manage-bde –protectors –add C: -tpm

And then boot again your PC, it will work like a charm.





3 thoughts on “[Solved] How to resolve when Bitlocker ask password on every boot of computer

  1. Hi there,

    I have similar problem as what your blog mentioned and I did follow the step that you wrote here to solve, however after I reboot again the laptop, the problem still appear.

    Can you advise me please.

    1. Its not error. It successful execute the command as you mentioned however after reboot still ask bitlocker recovery key again

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