[Solved] How to resolve “System Error 67 has occurred” while mapping website basically in Windows Server 2008/2012.


Many of your IT Administrator would have faced this issue known as “System Error 67 has occurred. The network name cannot be found”.

There are lots of solution for this. However, it might depends on your root cause for this. Last time, I was trying to map the website as network drive, it keep on showing me the following mentioned error.

CaptureI have try all the alternatives. Adding the website on Trusted site, running the script as administrator and soon. However, I was able to resolve this issue so easily even it took me for a whole day to figure out. Thus, I thought to share my idea with you which could help you in your work later on.


  1. Simply, enable the Desktop Experience 😀 on your server , this will work as charm.


Then, this will work like a charm.

Thank you



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