[Solved] .Net 3.5 framework issue in Windows 10

I have faced an issue while setting up a tool that requires .Net 3.5 Framework in my Windows 10 machine. I managed it and thus thought to write a blog on, as it might help others also who are facing such type of issues.

I have posted a similar type of blog but that doesn’t work for me in Windows 10 even it works like a charm for Windows 7. You can explore it too from here.  However, I suggest you try this step first and if this doesn’t help, then please try the following solution.

In Windows 10, you have to install a .Net 3.5 frameworks by exploring via “Turn Windows Features on or off”. However, once you start setting up, it pops up with the following error message:




It is pretty straight forward and all you need is a Bootable USB drive of Windows 10. If you are not sure about booting Windows 10 from USB, please check my old blog too.

  • Run command prompt as administrator and execute the following line in it:
Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFx3 /All /Source:F:\sources\sxs 

where F is the drive letter of your bootable CD/ USB.


Once you manage to run the above line successfully, try to install .Net again from Windows feature. It should work like a charm.

Feel free to comment on it.




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