Configuring iDRAC in Dell Power Edge Server

iDrac (Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller) is embedded in every Dell Power Edge Server. It helps us to deploy, update, monitor and maintain Dell Power Edge servers without your physical presence in a server room.

It is simple and easy to do.

Configuring iDrac

  1. First, you have to connect your iDrac port with an available network which we will configure later. Port looks like:


2. Switch on your Dell Power Edge and press to enter System Setup Main Menu Screen.


3. Click on iDRAC settings and use the arrow keys to select Network and configure the name, network details for IP and DNS address.

Note: Here, you have to assign different IP for iDRAC then the static IP of the server.




4. After you make the changes to the iDRAC configuration, press key to display the exit menu, select SAVE.

5. Now access the server from your browser with its configured IP.

Default Username: Root and Password: Calvin , which you can update later after your first logon.


5. Along with successful login, you will be able to see the system Summary and you can launch Virtual Console to execute required things in your server.

Next boot feature from Virtual Console window will help you to open BIOS setup, Life Cycle Controller and so on. 

A simple and effective solution that alerts you when an issue occurs, enables streamlined local and remote server management and reduces or eliminates the need for administrators to physically visit the server.


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