5 thoughts on “How to bypass Google Account Verification on any Android phones.

  1. Will this will work in Ubuntu ?
    I’ve installed ADB but when I checked the device list by: adb devices it doesn’t display my device list.
    I use the similar command,:
    fastboot erase config

    It says waiting for the device.

    fastboot erase userdata
    This command works.

    fastboot reboot
    This command too works.
    But the: fastboot erase config
    Doesn’t work.

    Should I try your code? Is it for windows or Linux..?

    1. ADB toolkit listed over here is for Windows. But for Linux also you can get the ADB tool and the command listed on the screenshot are similar for Linux and Windows.

      How to install ADB in linux:
      $ sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot

      If you are not getting the list of devices under ADB devices then either it is missing the driver of phones or it is not configured properly. Kindly try to fix the issue first and get the device name in adb devices, then you will be able to work on the other command.

      You need to make sure that the device has ‘USB Debugging’ enabled. It can be enabled by going into device Settings & than into the Developer Options (Some devices require that you tap several times on Android Version in About Phone section to enable Developer Options).

      Once the USB Debugging has been enabled, connect the android device to system using the USB cable.

      Now open the terminal and execute the following command,

      $ adb devices

      Hope this helps you.
      Thank you

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