[Solved] “Error:No such Partition” Entering Rescue Mode…in Fedora 20 without LIVECD

While working on Fedora 20, I have faced the following error after restart:

"Error:No such Partition" 
 Entering Rescue Mode...

I was not sure what I did. The most probable changes could be either I delete the partition during extension or may have done some mistake while setting up boot priority.

However, after googling on it, I have seen most of the solution are with LIVE CD.

Note: In my situation, the Fedora 20 was hosted in a Cloud and it was only one OS in that Virtual Machine.

Thus, I try a different way without LIVE CD. Couldn’t find proper blog for the solution, so I am writing this blog which might other System Admin also in future to get out this issue.


  1. First explore the list of HD that is available on your system as :1

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