[Solved] “Error:No such Partition” Entering Rescue Mode…in Fedora 20 without LIVECD

While working on Fedora 20, I have faced the following error after restart:

"Error:No such Partition" 
 Entering Rescue Mode...

I was not sure what I did. The most probable changes could be either I delete the partition during extension or may have done some mistake while setting up boot priority.

However, after googling on it, I have seen most of the solution are with LIVE CD.

Note: In my situation, the Fedora 20 was hosted in a Cloud and it was only one OS in that Virtual Machine.

Thus, I tried a different way without LIVE CD. As I couldn’t found any proper blog for the solution, so I am writing this blog which might help other System Admin also in future to get out this issue.


  1. First explore the list of HD that is available on your system as :1

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