How to take logs for Android application

There are many open source development applications which help us to take the log in order to test the crashing/unknown behavior of Android apps APK. But I figure out some issue in many open source application like you can’t save log, or you may not able to take log for whole case. I worked a lot to get it done on easy way.

So in this blog, I will try to explain you in two ways i.e (1. For Developer people who are quite technical and 2. For tester who are not quite technical) for taking logs for Android application.

1. For Non-Technical People:

a. Download a tool named as Log collector application from the following link and install on your device:

b. Once you install it, you can run application which you want to take log.

c. After application crashes, then you can open the application Log Collector. Continue reading “How to take logs for Android application”