[Solved] OneNote 2013 issue: Cannot be opened as a notebook because it is system folder

Most of the people must have encounter following error message when you try to work on OneNote 2010/2013 via browser. It occurs basically working on deployed or shared SharePoint 2010/2013 document. It took couple of hour for me resolve and I thought to share my experience. So it will be easy for everyone on future.

Onenote error


You need to enable add-ons named as “SharePoint OpenDcouments Class” from Internet Explorer.

1.         Click Tools

2.         Go to Manage Add-ons

3.         In the Show box, click All add-ons

4.         In the Name column, click SharePoint OpenDocumentsClass, click Enable.

But if the SharePoint Open Documents Class isn’t listed in the collection of add-ons on your machine, you can try to fix it with the following steps.

1.         From the Start menu, click Control Panel, and then click Programs.

2.         On the Control Panel Programs page, click Programs and Features.

3.         Scroll down the list of installed programs, select Microsoft Office, and then click Change.

4.         In the Change dialog, click Repair and then click Continue.

Then restart your machine, so the changes can take effect. After rebooting, go back to IE and repeat the procedure for enabling the add-on.

In addition, even after working as mentioned above also doesn’t help to resolve your issue, you can switch your IE from 64 bit to 32 bit by browsing it from:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplorer.exe

Hope this may help you.

Thank you




3 thoughts on “[Solved] OneNote 2013 issue: Cannot be opened as a notebook because it is system folder

  1. I am having SharePoint OpenDocumentsClass as Enabled and still running into this issue. Are there other things that need to be checked?

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